The Market and Economic Impact of EMPOWER

The EMPOWER project is set to revolutionize the logistics and transport sectors with its focus on Zero Emission (ZE) heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs).

Here’s a summary of the anticipated market and economic impact:

📌 Growing Market Penetration of Zero Emission HDVs from 2029 Onwards: EMPOWER aims to significantly increase the adoption of ZE HDVs, with a notable rise in market share expected to commence in 2029. This growth is essential for a sustainable future in heavy-duty transport.

📌 Strengthening Know-How and Innovation Capacity: By enhancing the knowledge and innovation capabilities of its beneficiaries and the broader European Research and Innovation (R&I) ecosystem, EMPOWER will play a pivotal role in advancing ZE technologies.

📌 Securing Jobs in Green Tech: The production of ZE HDVs and their components is projected to create numerous jobs within the Green Tech sector. This job creation will drive economic growth and support sustainability efforts.

📌 Expanding Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure Network: EMPOWER’s successful demonstration of technical and economic feasibility is expected to spur investments and incentives for expanding the hydrogen refueling infrastructure across Europe. This expansion will be crucial for the broader adoption of hydrogen-based technologies.

The EMPOWER project is not just about advancing technology; it’s about fostering economic growth, job creation, and a sustainable future for Europe. Stay tuned for more updates on how EMPOWER is making a difference.