The AEVETO Cluster

Advanced Electric Vehicles for Efficient and Economic Transport Operations

The AEVETO cluster represents a pioneering initiative dedicated to revolutionizing the landscape of heavy-duty transport through the collaborative synergy of R&D projects funded by the European Commission. Focused on Zero Emission Heavy Duty Vehicles, AEVETO creates and provides a common umbrella or vision of key EU projects, propelling the development and adoption of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) within the heavy-duty sector.

The AEVETO Vision:

Our vision is to spearhead the transition towards the next generation of electric mobility in Europe by 2030-40. By aligning with the ambitious targets and timelines outlined in the 2ZERO partnership, the ERTRAC electrification roadmap, ALICE roadmap towards zero emission logistics and the SET Plan, the AEVETO cluster aims to catalyze a paradigm shift in the transportation industry. Through collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability, we envision a future where Zero Emission Heavy Duty Vehicles are not just a reality but a dominant force on European roads.

The AEVETO cluster recognizes that the collective impact of joint efforts surpasses individual project outcomes. By leveraging synergies across diverse projects, we, as the representatives of key EU projects, seek to amplify our influence, contributing significantly to the broader goals of the 2ZERO partnership and the electrification roadmap set forth by ERTRAC. Our commitment extends beyond project boundaries, aiming for a holistic transformation of the heavy-duty transport sector.

In adherence to the ALICE, 2ZERO and ERTRAC 2021 Electrification Roadmap, AEVETO identifies affordability and driving range improvement as crucial enablers for increasing Electric Vehicle (EV) market penetration. These areas serve as focal points for the cluster, where we pledge substantial contributions. Through technological advancements, collaborative research, and knowledge exchange, AEVETO endeavors to overcome barriers and accelerate the widespread adoption of Zero Emission Heavy Duty Vehicles in Europe.

As we navigate the journey towards a sustainable future, AEVETO envisions a landscape where Advanced Electric Vehicles for Efficient and Economic Transport Operations not only redefine industry standards but also serve as catalysts for environmental durability and economic prosperity. Together, we are shaping a future where the heavy-duty transport sector plays a pivotal role in achieving a carbon-neutral and sustainable Europe.